An Introduction…




🌵🌸✨ Welcome to my blog *confetti explosion* ✨🌸🌵

I am soo happy that you came across my blog! Here is a lil’ hug from me *hugg*! My name is Arabella, Ella for short (although I do also answer to ‘The Cookie Queen’ 🍪), and I am currently 12 years old! I started my blog in February 2017 and I am really happy that I did ☺️!



When I started blogging, I knew that I wanted to spread happiness and love whist riding my pet unicorn, Cookie ✨! Why? Oh… cause I’m an online cheerleader hoping to sprinkle kindness around like confetti 💖! Please no hate! I have an army of cookie enthusiasts (a.k.a my followers) ready to pelt stale cookies at anyone on my signal 😉! Hehe, I’m only joking! But in all seriousness, no negativity!



Ever since I was only seven years old, I have had a need to write 😊! I have written a few short stories but I have never *sniffle, sniffle* been able to accomplish anything like this. Give me a moment…*cries a river* 😭. Having a blog has boosted my confidence to write and has helped me to realise that criticism does not put you down but it pushes you closer to success *eyes sparkle* 😍!


Here is a lil’ list of a few things that I love 😘!

  • My wonderful, loving family who always support me! Love you guys!
  • My best friends, who without fail, make my stomach hurt from laughing too much 😂!
  • Books! No explanation needed there…
  • Holidays! Who doesn’t ☀️?
  • Disney! I am a Disney fangirl! I grew up loving Disney and I still love it to this day 💗!
  • Music! To me, a world without music would be extremely monotonous and lifeless! I can’t imagine how people used to live without music! I play the violin if you were wondering 🎻!
  • The Philippines! Kamusta ka 🇵🇭?
  • Lush 💞!
  • Photography!

And finally…

  • UNICORNS 🦄! Duh.

I hope that you enjoy my blog content! Please give my blog a follow! It would mean the world to me! If you already have then…

Welcome to the Cookie Jar 🍪!

Until next time.

With much love,