about me


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i’m arabella, but you can call me ella, and i live in the beautiful yet busy city of london. oh and just to clarify, i do not drink tea 24/7, aha.

i am twelve years old and i love plants, art, baking, the 90s (oh, so iconic), taking photos, listening to music, reading, shopping and travelling <3! phew, that was a mouthful.

when i started my blog in february 2017, i knew that i wanted to spread happiness since it’s something that i love to do! smiles, hugs and strawberry gelato are my motivation so negativity is a ‘no go’ here :)!

having a blog has boosted my confidence and it has helped me to realise the importance of self-love, a subject that i am very passionate about!

here are a few of my favourite things:

+ people – family, friends

+ places – nyc, london, paris

+ brands – glossier, lisa says gah, reformation, monki, urban outfitters

+ colours – blush pink, navy blue, light grey, olive green, white

+ music – some of my favourite artists are clairo, tyler the creator, and frank ocean!

+ food n’ drink – sushi, raspberries, dark chocolate, gelato, sparkling raspberry lemonade, peach green tea

i hope that you enjoy my lil’ blog!

until next time.

with much love,