Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on John Green’s compelling novel, The Fault in our Stars.

This book is definitely in my top 10 list of my favourite books. It is so extensively powerful that it triggered tears and laughter all at once. Every since the ‘hype’ of this book and its movie I have been dying (no pun intended) to read it! Obviously, spoilers are prohibited in this book review but I will give you the main idea. The main character is the shy, yet strong   cancer survivor, Hazel Grace Lancaster. On one average ( or so she thought) day at her local cancer support group she meets a new member, Augustus Waters. The beginning of a beautiful story of strength and hope is born. John Green has portrayed the mind of a teenage girl in the best way possible. I suggest that you go to our local bookstore, pick up this book and lose yourself in the world of pain, hope and never ending possibilities.

Until next time,

With much love,



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