Hello everybody! As you might know if you have read my introduction, I am an aspiring author. After obtaining some inspiration from Cath (from Fangirl), I decided to write my own book (or at least a short story ^-^) on my blog! I have taken quite a while to plan it but I chose to call it…

Polaroid Pictures!

The plot? Well…

Ever since Emily received her polaroid for her 13th birthday, she has carried it with her everywhere. On holidays, day trips and basically everywhere else, Emily has taken it! The one person that Emily loves to take pictures of is her best friend (and human Siri) Jules. But one day, Jules stops talking to Emily and she realises that Jules is fading from her pictures as their friendship slowly diminishes into nothing. Can Emily find her in time or will Jules fade away forever?

I will be making a page on my blog called Polaroid Pictures where you can access the different chapters of my book easily. I hope that you enjoy!

Until next time.

With much love,



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