I spat the minty froth into the sink. It was the first day of summer break and I was planning on spending it either at Jules place or taking pictures of literally everything. A few minutes later, stomped down the stairs, my gait not quite even, and sat down on the couch in the most ungraceful manner. The smell of bacon and scrambled eggs wafted through my nostrils, tempting me to walk to the kitchen.

“Hello sweetheart,” my mother remarked sweetly.

“Hi,” I replied, my tone still sloppy from sleep.

“I made your favourite, bacon and scrambled eggs!”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks,” I replied once again.

My mother must have sensed that I just wanted some peace and quite so she stopped talking although I knew that she was reluctant to do so. I trudged back up to my room, the delicious smell gradually leaving my nose. I hurled myself onto my bed and grabbed my phone. I had received one email from Jules. It read:

“Hey Emily! Summer break! Finally! Can I meet u l8er on at the park ^-^?”

“Yeah sure,” I texted back, “meet u at 10, k”

“Okay!” she replied immediately.

I imagined her behind her screen, waiting attentively to hear the light ring of her notifications when I text back. I laughed to myself quietly and decided to go back down stairs. Dylan, my younger brother, was at the dining table trying to stuff the tail of a t-rex up his nose. I cringed slightly and walked to the cupboard taking out the plates and setting them on the table. “Hello Emi!” he said enthusiastically. I smiled back and high-fived him as I sat down next to him. I tied my hair up into a messy knot and picked up a stegosaurus. Dylan giggled as he hit my dinosaur to the ground, an expression of victory worn on my face. I couldn’t help but laugh along with him. “Breakfast time!” my mother exclaimed showing me a set of jazz hands. She walked over and placed the food on the centre of the table. As usual, Dylan grabbed a strip of bacon and started nibbling on it contentedly. I picked up a scrambled egg with my fork and placed it on my plate. I too started eating. After we had cleared away, I rushed back to my room to get changed. As I slid into my skinny jeans an occasional surge of pain would disturb me. I grabbed my wallet and my polaroid camera (the one which I had received just a few years ago)  and I was out of the door.

As expected, I found Jules sitting on our favourite bench. It was surrounded by every kind of flower you could think of. Jules bounded up to me like a little kid.

“Hi Emily!” she squealed excitedly

“Hey Jules! You’re acting like you haven’t seen me in days!”

“In my world Emily, 24 hours is a long time!”

“Wait!” I suddenly screamed

“What?” Jules answered frantically.

“The lighting is perfect! Stand right there and don’t move!”

She rolled her eyes at me as I crouched into the lush grass. I heard a familiar click and the photo came out. I wafted it back and forth through the air. As the photo slowly developed, Jules spoke again but with her arms crossed and her eyebrows furrowed in the middle.

“You scared me! Do not do that ever again!”

“Okay, I won’t. At least not today.” I said cheekily

Almost immediately, her worried expression returned to its usual smiley state. For a long while we smiled and talked and laughed. All of a sudden, the sing-song of an ice-cream van rang. We looked at each other, our eyes glistening. In complete synchronisation, we ran across the grass to the direction of the noise. The light breeze rushed against my face blowing my hazel coloured hair off my shoulders. We giggled all the way and I felt like we were both little kids once more. As we got closer, our run slowly merged into jog and then to a slow paced walk. I turned to find that her flustered face had turned slightly pink from exhaustion. Once we had reached the van, we decided to get two sot serves and as an extra treat, I added a flake and sprinkles teach one. After arguing for what seemed like hours, Jules finally gave in and let me pay. When we had thanked the man who sold the ice-cream to us, we linked arms as we licked the creamy delight whilst walking around the rest of the park.

The sound of the swaying trees complimented the birdsong beautifully and a whole orchestra of insects chimed in. As our treats gradually disappeared into our stomachs, we talked and talked the whole way. All to soon, the sun started to set causing different shades of orange, pink and purple to dance across the sky. When we had reached the exit, we smiled at each other once again and made our way back to our homes.


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