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Hello everybody! I am such a horrible person and I am so sorry for my recent absence (I feel so guilty now that this is my opening line for most of my blog posts )! To make up for it, I will be posting another book review today so stay in tune for the upcoming one! Anyway, back to business.

I have been waiting for so long to be able to post this book review since this book is amazing. No, wait. That is definitely an understatement. This book was supercalifragilisticexpialidociously amazing (hehe, see what I did there. Mary Poppins’ line never fails to serve its rightful purpose ^-^)!

To cut the plot short, a girl named Maddie is allergic to basically everything and by everything, I mean everything! She breathes filtered air, most of her belongings are not any other shade except for white and she is strictly forbidden to leave her house. For 18 years, she has felt like her life is just one giant cycle that refuses to make even a slight change. But that was until she met Olly, the boy next door. She feels like she can do anything when she is around him but sometimes, curiosity can be dangerous and she is to learn that near the end of the novel. Oops! I hope that I haven’t said too much!

Personally, I would rate this book a solid 10/10! That was definitely a no brainer! Now, as I say in every book review I publish, I suggest that you pick up this book and start reading! I hope that you enjoy this page-turner!

Until next time.

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