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Hello everybody! As promised, I am posting another book review! Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention that I am off school for two weeks! Yippee! Two weeks of heaven! Consequently, I will be able to more more frequently! Anyway, back to the book review!

I know that it must sound extremely monotonous for those who read my book reviews to find that I always have to incorporate the word ‘amazing’ at least once! Please don’t judge, I don’t have any other way to describe these wonderful reads (hehe! Not this time!) Okay, but in all seriousness, this book was an absolutely beautiful read.

Obviously, no spoilers! However, I will be able to give you the general idea of what the novel is about. So…

A girl named Audrey suffers from anxiety. As the cover suggests, Audrey wears dark sunglasses day in and day out since she finds eye contact intimidating. One day, her brother’s friend, Linus arrives and ever since that one moment, they have sent notes back and forth between themselves. Slowly, Audrey has grown to like Linus as more than a friend.

This novel clearly reflects the thoughts of a girl suffering from anxiety who is trying to strive to live a normal life. Although she is ‘sick’ and all, her life is more normal than she seems it to be.

Definitely a 10/10! So please, I am not asking but I am begging for you to read this beautifully structured novel!

Until next time.

With much love,



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