Hello everybody! Yesterday, my family and I walked around London. By far, my favourite part was when we took a stroll.Well, my parents took a stroll, my brother and I ran around the park. Mostly because we each had a bottle of coke…

As you can tell by the title, we found a furry friend who acquired the name Mr. Squirrel. Hehe, Mr. Squirrel… anyway. I am getting sidetracked (again). So my brother and I ran. Then sprinted around the otherwise tranquil park after Mr. Squirrel. Unfortunately, he escaped. However, I did get the chance to take a few quick pictures of it before it scampered up the tree. By the way, I do apologise in advance for the blurry picture.

IMG_5028 2

After finding a few more squirrels, our ‘coke energy’ (as my brother says) started to run out. Before we exited the park, I was able to take a picture of the beautiful landscape.


Hyde Park

I hope that you enjoyed this post!

Until next time.

With much love,



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