Hello everybody! I’d like to wish you all a happy Easter! Today, we went to visit the only family we have in the UK for an Easter celebration!

Once we arrived, we realised that our auntie had set up an Easter egg hunt which was extremely fun. However, this did start some sort of chocolate commotion between my cousins and brother…

I can’t blame them though. Who wouldn’t argue if there were about 50 Easter eggs to find? Afterwards, we played a girls vs boys football match since the weather was wonderful! Next, we all sat down to eat. Everything was delicious! The meal mostly included Filipino dishes.

Since my grandpa and grandma had a fish pond outside, we were able to touch and feed the fish. My cousin Lana was definitely the most eager! I didn’t even put my hand in the water!

Now, here is a picture of my brother (left), my cousin Lana (middle) and my cousin Brandon (right) disturbing the fish! Hehe ^-^!

Today was so much fun! How was your Easter?

Until next time.

With much love,



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