Hello everybody! So…

Let me tell you something. Spring has definitely sprung here in the UK! The sun’s out, flowers are blooming and bare trees are becoming green once again and I am sitting here in my bedroom, sweating *takes numerous gulps from a half full water bottle*. How are you people over there in Florida? How can you survive! Now, I am finding 14 degrees hot… how can you cope with 26 (thanks Siri – hehe ^-^)!? Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why I love spring!

  1. Everything is in bloom!
  2. The weather: not too cold, not too warm (except those occasional days, like today).
  3. Chocolate eggs. That’s pretty self explanatory. Hehe ^-^
  4. The wildlife. I love the sound of chirping birds!
  5. Lighter clothing! No more jumpers, or gloves or hats! The lighter the clothing, the lighter the mood!
  6. Nature walks.
  7. Spring break! Yay!
  8. Its nearly the end of the school year! Double yay!
  9. Picnics! Who doesn’t love a good picnic?
  10. Longer days!

That’s it for my list! What about yours? Have you got anything to add? Comment down below!

Until next time.

With much love,





One thought on “Why I Love Spring

  1. Hey! I’m 13, almost 14 😅 Your blog looks really nice and I’m going to visit you often 😊 I also started blogging in February 2017! It’s a surprise, ha ha.

    I like spring too 🌼 I live in Poland and we haven’t got nice weather now – it’s raining and it’s cloudy… I’m waiting for sunny weather and I hope it comes soon!

    I invite you to my blog 😉 I’ll be very jolly if you visit it, post a comment and if you can, follow it ❤ English isn’t my ethnic language. In school we of course have English lessons and I want to have the best mark as the semester final grade. My teacher says that I must do a lot of “English things” and I do it all the time! For example, I have this blog and I’m going to tell my teacher about it in some days. Your visiting on my blog will be very helpful for me 😊 It will be good when my teacher sees that my blog is quite popular and it have a lot of nice comments!

    I apologise for my LONG comment 😂

    Have a nice evening 💞

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