She inhaled slowly. The smell of sickly-sweet honeycomb wafted through the air setting a peaceful aura over the cottage. The weathered, brick walls looked plain against the climbing roses clinging to the exterior, each on a deep, rich scarlet. She lifted her freckled face, basking it in the warm sunlight of the early afternoon. Birds whistled above her head, their beautiful melodies melting into one gorgeous tune. Twirling in the lush green grass, she felt safe in the arms of nature. She moved towards the rusting, copper gate before her and carefully pushed it to one side causing flakes of metal to fall on to her dainty feet. As she walked further, she saw a shimmering lake. Mesmerising fish of many different colours swirled in unison, their iridescent scales catching fragments of light.

She jolted awake. Everything faded before her eyes. Confused, she looked down and caught her reflection in a shard of glass. Soot covered her once rosy complexion and what was once a dress of sky blue shades was replaced by dirty rags. That was when she knew… it was all a dream.

Until next time.

With much love,



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