Hello everybody! Today, I m going to review Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Oh yes, I will be adding star ratings to my book reviews from now on! Once again, I warn you of my book ramblings and extravagant adjectives in this review ^-^!


This book was so good! I really enjoyed even though it was told in the present tense. Normally, I dislike books told in present tense but in this case I had nothing to say! The wonderful descriptions made me feel submerged in the world of Reds and Silvers which I will talk about in more detail later on in this post. I cannot emphasise enough how much I enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the dystopian genre. I personally love the dystopian genre since it is something completely new and unheard of. For example, the Hunger Games which is an absolute favourite of mine!

Anyway, this book is all about girl named Mare. She is a Red blooded commoner run by the Silver blooded elites. The difference between the Reds and the Silvers is that Reds do not have any godly abilities while the Silvers do. To put it simply, Silvers have superpowers (yes, I know that sounds cheesy but read on ^-^ ). However, Mare has powers of her own. Scared of Mare’s unknown ability, the Silver royals hide mare in plain sight as a long lost Silver princess. And so, Mare enters a game of lies and deceit or to put it in a more dramatic way, Mare enters a game in which she is going against her own heart!

For my first star rating review I will give it… *drum roll plays*

star rating chart.png

I hope that you enjoyed this slightly more lengthy review!

Until next time.

With much love,



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