Hello everybody! This week, I was lucky enough to go on a five day trip to the Isle of Wight with my classmates! It was extremely fun to spend a part of the little time we have left as a year group on a holiday! In this post, I will show you some photos of our amazing trip! By the way, I am sorry for the quality of most of the photos. Some may be blurry since I used a digital camera that was not quite as good as my phone camera ^-^!

Day 1 (Monday) :

Today, we travelled from London to Portsmouth by coach. Once we arrived, we visited the HMS Victory! It was really interesting to learn about how it was to live on board a ship! From Portsmouth, we then took a ferry to the Isle of Wight and a coach to our hotel!

Day 2 (Tuesday) :

Today, we visited Robin Hill Adventure Park! My favourite ride was the Colosseus Galleon which is a rocking boat ride! We also visited many playgrounds there and we even had the chance to watch a falcon show!



field 1.jpg

field 2.jpg


Day 3 (Wednesday) :

Today, we went to visit Osborne House! Everything was so beautiful!


We also had a tour to the Needles!





Afterwards, we went to a glass factory! It was extremely warm and the staff there told us that the average temperature inside everyday was around 40 degrees! We went to a sweet factory afterwards and we watched some mints being made! Luckily, we got to try some! They were absolutely delicious!

Day 4 (Thursday) :

Today, we went to the Dinosaur Isle! The staff talked to us about different types of rocks and fossils! We then went to the museum connected to the building! It was a hands on museum which made it ten times more exciting! Once we had finished looking around the museum, we went to the beach right outside the building and looked for fossils! My classmate found a dinosaur bone! And yes, you may think that I am just joking but the staff members confirmed it themselves!

Day 5 (Friday) :

Today, we went to the Godshill Model Village! I felt really tall compared to all of it! The funny thing was that it was a village inside a village inside a village! Yes, I know that this is confusing but anyway…













At around 3:00pm, it was time to leave 😦 . Everyone was sad that our group holiday had come to an end. However, we were all excited to tell our parents about everything that we did! Another reason why were excited to go home was because for the week, we were given £25 to spend! All of us bought souvenirs for our families!





Thanks for reading this blog post!

Until next time.

With much love,




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