Hello everybody 😁! I hope that all of you had a wonderful, fantabulous Friday! I know that I did! Wanna know why? Well, we went to the Bibury Trout Farm! Although the weather didn’t seem to be agreeing with us, the experience was fantastic! For Filipinos, a trip to the park won’t be the same without a barbecue 😋! Everything was delicious!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The park was one of the most picturesque places that I have been to 🌳🌸!


My brother and I fed the fish and all the birds and ducks ☺️! At one point, we even saw cute lil’ ducklings swimming around *insert adorable duckling emoji*!


I’m sorry that this is quite a short post but even so, I hope that you enjoyed it!

Until next time.

With much love,



One thought on “Family Fishing Fun!

  1. Aww, great post (as always)! ❤ The photos are great 🙂
    I like to feed swans and ducks! I have got locally a place where is a big pond with these animals and it's cute when they eat what they got from me, haha! 😀
    Have a nice day! ❤

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