(Edit: By the time you read this, I will have already landed in ………………Β πŸ˜‰!)

Date: August 5th 2017

Hello my fantabulous followers 😊!

Okay, okay. I didn’t tell you that I was going on holiday BUT… that is a perfect example of the element of surprise *oohs and ahs* πŸ˜…! Am I right *tumbleweed* ?! Ahem…


You may be wondering…
“Where is this girl going?” Yes? No?*Tumbleweed (again)*
Well, I’ll tell you anyway πŸ˜‚!
I am travelling to…













Candy Land 🍭!
Heh…heh…heh. Ahh, the awkwardness πŸ™„!
For real now.
I am going to ‘The City That Never Sleeps’… ‘The Big Apple’… the one and only… NYC *party poppers* πŸ—½! Ahh! That was me screaming by the way! Okay, I’ll skip the intro now…

Time: 16:22 pm (London Time)
Eeek! We are about to take off and I am starting to feel a little- *blehh*. Joking! Haha! But seriously, I will 🀒! Wish me luck, it’s a 7 hr and 15 mins journey!

Time: 16:25 pm (London Time)
Just listening to a boring announcement *elevator music* 😐.

Time: 16:30 pm (London Time)

Time: 16:35 pm (London Time)
Okay, since I am doing absolutely nothing except listening to Queen Ari *fangirls silently*, I will tell you what I am wearing πŸŽ€! For my top I am wearing just a simple long sleeved shirt saying Brooklyn, NYC in pastel pink from Mango Kids! For my bottoms I am wearing comfy joggers/ tracksuit bottoms which are also from Mango Kids! For my shoes I am wearing black Nike trainers and for my hair, I did a half-up half-down bun πŸ‘Έ!

Time: 16:39 pm (London Time)
Currently listening to the safety announcement 😊!

Time: 17:01 pm (London Time)
Take-off time ✈️! Woohoo πŸŽ‰! Oh gosh! My stomach feels soo weird! Ahh! I just looked out the window and we are soo high! I am going to watch a movie now 😊! Talk later!

Time: 20:10 pm (London Time)
Hi again! I can’t take this anymore guys! Ughh! I am dying of boredom ☹️! 3 hrs and 59 mins to go! We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean at the moment 🌊!

Time: 21:01 pm (London Time)
3 hrs and 7 mins to go πŸ˜‘!

Time: 21:10 pm (London Time)
Listening to Shawn Mendes ☺️! 2 hrs 56 mins! Yay! We are getting closer 😜! I can’t contain my excitement anymore *hyperventilates*! That was a joke by the way…

Time: 21:44 pm (London Time)
Listening to T-Swizzle πŸ’‹! That was cringey. Ahem… um *tries to think of something NON CRINGEY to say*.Β Remember when her hair looked like noodles *thinks fondly* 🍝! Ahh, the good old days 😊! Oh gosh! Now THAT is anΒ extremely cringey! Anyway, 2 hrs and 20 mins to go!

Time: 22:30 pm (London Time)
I am watching Beauty and the beast for the millionth time πŸ˜›! 1 hr and 38 mins to go! Yippee πŸŽ‰!

Time: 22:58 pm (London Time)
1 hr and 11 mins to go! Squee 😝!

Time: 23:16 pm (London Time)
I just finished watching Beauty and the Beast πŸ’ž! 5 2mins to go! Ahh!

Time: 23:30 pm (London Time)
41 mins until landing πŸ’—!

Helloo everybody! It is currently 00:48 (London Time) and we are collecting our luggages ☺️! Also… I didn’t 🀒! I am soo proud of myself! Hehe, that isn’t something you would normally say πŸ’ž!

Time: 21:33 pm (New York Time)
Eeek! We just checked into our hotel and the view is absolutely
breathtaking! It’s beautiful 😭!

Time: 21:49 pm (New York Time)

Yay! My cousins are coming over since we are on holiday together πŸ—½!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post ⭐️!

Until next time.

With much love,



25 thoughts on “Travelling With Ella: Day 1

  1. Oh My God! New York City?!?
    Aww, visiting NYC is one of my dreams! πŸ’«
    Congrats! You’re so lucky that you could visit this place! 😍

    Great post!!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’‹

    Liked by 2 people

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