Helloo everybody πŸ’ž!

So 😐. As you can probably tell I have not been blogging a lot recently and I have been missing some of the ‘Travelling With Ella’ posts *audience gasps dramatically* 😰! This is mainly because, well. I don’t really have time for blogging *audience gasps even more dramatically* 😭! Yes, I know. Stay strong, hold back the tears πŸ’¦!


Okay, okay. I might be exaggerating a teensy bit too much πŸ˜…! However, it does upset me that I cannot share my adventures with you guys! The plan is that I am going to write a blog post every three days! I hope that I will be able to stick to this schedule ☺️!

ANYWAY. On a lighter note, I would like to talk to you about my cousin Danielle’s new blog! I am so proud of her! Please go and show her some love πŸ’–! You can find it here!

Until next time my Munchkins (Ooh! That’s different 😊!).

With much love,




5 thoughts on “A Little Change Of Plan…

  1. Aw I’m sorry things haven’t gone as planned, Ella! πŸ’ž it’s sad when life gets in the way of blogging. But a post every three days will still be fun to read! 😊 Also, I’ll go by your friend’s blog in a moment! xx
    ~ Maggie

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