Helloo my lovelies šŸ’‹!

Today, I decided to share a list of the 3 people that I would like to see live! But first, let me  warn you…

I WILL GO CRAZY! I am really sorry for all the ‘screaming’ in this post šŸ˜…! This post is actually me being calm so…

Taylor Swift *fangirls wildly*


I’m sorry, Ella can’t come to the phone right now! Why? CAUSE SHE IS FREAKING OUT ABOUT TAYLOR’S NEW SONG *FANGIRLS SOO MUCH*! WHY ELSE LIL’ UNICORN?!

OH. MY. GOODNESS šŸ˜! Her new music has left me speechless! AHH! I LšŸ’—VE it *creates an interpretative dance to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’*! įµ‡įµ‰Ź·įµƒŹ³įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ į¶œŹ³įµƒį¶»Źø į¶ įµƒāæįµį¶¦Ź³Ė”! I have always loved her music, her style and her fierce personality šŸ˜Š! Her songs have a cute and quirky vibe to them… UP UNTIL NOW! I’m sorry I just can’t… AHH! Goodbye the heartbroken, red-lipped girl! AHHH!!


Little Mix *fangirls wildly (again)*


Before I even begin…

CAN I ADDRESS THE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE LIL’ PUG IN LEIGH-ANNE’S SHOT šŸ’ž?! Aww šŸ˜˜! I love Little Mix’s music since most of their songs are to do with self-love and happiness! Sometimes, I find it hard to appreciate who I am. However, their music is motivation for many young people, including myself āœØ!

Ariana Grande *fangirls wildly (for the third time)*


AHH! I remember when Ariana was just a cute, red-headed Nickelodeon star and now, she is an actual POPSTAR! Her music is incredible and I love the airy tone to her voice (if you know what I mean) šŸ˜‚! I find myself in awe whenever she opens her mouth to sing! IS SHE EVEN HUMAN?? Like… WHAT??


Who would YOU want to see live? Who is YOUR favourite celeb? Comment down below šŸ’ž!

That’s it for this blog post! I know it was kind of short šŸ˜†!

Until next time.

With much love,



12 thoughts on “3 Celebs I Want To See Live

  1. I’m actually new to your blog, so hello! I’m Apoorva from Elle online! Wow, all my favourite people, there!! I really wanna meet Taylor and Ariana! I loved Taylor’s new song!!!! And Ariana’s songs are the best!!they’re awesome!!

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