That’s A Wrap! – November


Hello my lil’ Christmas bunch ❄️!

*Breaks into song*FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LLAMA LA! THE MONTH OF LAUGHTER AND JOY… IT’S FINALLY HEREE 💕! THIS POST IS SOO EXCITING, I CAN’T EVEN… AHHH *catches breath*! Okay, let me compose myself… heh… heh… heh AHHH.’s December. DECEMBER! Or should I say… Decembrrr *waits for a decent reaction* 🎄! I’m trying, okay! Just leave me be as I cry and eat cookies in the corner *sobs dramatically*! Anywho, I will stop my rambling and get on with it!



· I am super-duper grateful since… I have reached 94 followers 💛! Eek! You don’t know how happy this has made me ✨! I would like to thank the 15 people who’ve followed me this month! The support and help that you have contributed to my lil’ blog is amazing a-a-and… AHHH! Cookies for all to celebrate!


I would really appreciate it if 6 people or more heehee would follow me this month to give me the chance of reaching my first milestone… 100 followers! Come on pretzels, what are you eating for *winks* 😉!

· I feel like my photography has improved immensely since the first time that I used my DSLR camera ☺️! Here are a few of photos that I was able to take this month:





· This month, I have started to realise the importance of self-love, hence the tea chat post. Cheeky self-promo, here’s the link! This is just something everyone needs to understand 💕!

· I have become better at planning and trying not to procrastinate a bit 😅! Heh… heh… I’m just making myself look bad here, aren’t I *cough, cough*?

*Grabs a tissue*

*Uses it to cover shame*

· My test results have been quite good this month! Well, I hope to think so *tumbleweed*…



· As I said before, I would like to reach 100 followers this month 🤞! This would mean the world to me so please donate to my happiness by clicking the follow button 💕!

· I would like to post more often too! I feel like I haven’t done enough for you so its time for my to do my part 🌱!


· To all the Harry Potter fans out there, your magical hearts are about to be broken…

I have never been able to finish reading the Harry Potter series *audience gasps* ⚡️! Yup, I know…you have the right to ridicule me. In my defence, I have watched all the movies (and by watching all the movies I mean binge-watching them all on a warm summer’s day whilst scooping out substantial lumps of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie from the pot *audience gasps again*)! My point is… I would like to finish reading them!

· Get. Good. Grades. *Drops the mic, flips hair and walks away*.

· I would also like to become better at managing my time!

mystatspagedivider This month, I received:

Views: 678

Visitors: 202

Likes: 85

Comments: 77

Thank you all so much for your constant love *tears up* 💕! I’m just going to leave now before I form a deep puddle of salty tears at my feet!

myfavouritepostpagedivider My favourite post of this month has to be, drumroll please…

let'stalkovertea(andcookies)#2 This post was just very emotional for me to write and I feel like that emotion seeps through my words 😇! Oh, the cheesiness…

postsilikedpagedividerHere is a list of my favourite posts of the month:

· Tabi teaches us how to make an adorable scrapbook 🍂

· Jasper tells us about some very exciting news… 😉

· Raffi gives us advice on cosy styling jumpers ❄️

· Ellie does the fall tag ☺️

· Chiara tells us about her love for lush 🥑

whatdoyouthink What have YOU achieved this month? What are YOUR goals? Let’s chat in the comments!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

Until next time.

With much love,




14 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap! – November

  1. Whaaaaaaat you mentioned my post as one of your favourites??!!! Is THIS REAL? ❤ 😀 Thank youu Ella! And I really do love your DSLR photography- can't wait for future cheeky photos 😉 xx Love these wrap ups !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wooooow you’re so close to 100 followers!!! AHHHHHH (yep that’s me freaking out) and yesss Tabi’s post was definitely one of my favourite this month as well!!!
    By the way I’m joining in the singing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh! I can’t wait until you get 10p followers! You’ll get there in no time! Your stats are amazing! Good job, and also ThankYOU so much for featuring me in your favourite posts thingy! That’s so kind of you 💖
    Ellie x 🎅🏻🎄💖💕

    Liked by 1 person

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