The Liebster Award


Hello my lil’ gingerbread lovers 💕!

Okay, if you don’t like gingerbread then I’m sorry 😂! Anywho, today, I will be doing something very exciting… I was nominated for the Liebster Award *screams uncontrollably*! I was nominated by the fantabulous Raffi 🥑! She is an amazing blogger and a great friend too! So, let’s get started!

The Rules:

1. Thank the Person who nominated you and link their blog and post.

2. Answer the Questions which the nominator will have written for you.

3. Nominate other blogs  who you think deserve the award – they must have less than 1000 followers

4. Write the Rules in your post

5. Create a list of questions to ask the people you nominate

6. Tell the people you nominate by commenting on one of their posts and sending them a link to your post.

7. Celebrate because the rules are over.


The Questions:

What is your favourite ‘item’ of clothing?

My personal favourite has to be jeans! I mean… who doesn’t love them? They are just perfect for a leisurely walk in the park or a day out shopping *eyes sparkle with excitement* ☺️! Whether they be ripped, skinny or slim, they are just great!

What is your main motivation for blogging? Do you ever feel bored of it?

Never in my entire life would I become bored of blogging 😉! It is such an amazing way to portray your personality through words! My main motivation for blogging has to be all of my readers! Yep, that sounds very cheesy, if I do say so myself, however, it is true *gushes* 💗! You are all wonderful hooman beans and I appreciate everything that you do for me!

What is your favourite hobby? When did you start?

Umm, this will ruin my rep although I never had one… blogging in my favourite hobby! I love interacting with you all! However, if I were to choose another, I would say reading! I love how reading can transport you into another world! Now that, my friends, is what you call a cliché sentence 😂!

What’s your favourite shop/brand and why?

I would have to say Zara since the majority of my clothes are from there! However, I would love to try shopping in different places as well! Comment down below, which shops do you recommend 💍?

Singing or Dancing?

Although I am terrible at both, I still have to say singing! Who doesn’t love a good, ol’ karaoke night 😄!

What’s the most satisfying sound to you?

This one is easy! I absolutely love opening canned carbonated drinks! The fizzing sound is just very soothing!

The most comforting food to you?

Hmm, let me think… COOKIES DUH 🍪! Freshly baked cookies on a cold winter’s day are what you need! In fact, I have a recipe perfect for these occasions *wink, wink*! You can check it out here!

What traits do you need in a bestie?

I need someone who knows I’m crazy yet is still willing to be seen in public with me, someone who will make me laugh until my stomach hurts but also someone who will have my back through the hard times. To put it simply, someone fun and quirky but still able to handle serious situations 😚!

What do you spend more time on – hair of outfit?

Defo the outfit 💅! As they say, messy hair don’t care 😂! I don’t really care if my hair is up in the messiest top knot… as long as my outfit is perf Raffi I see you!

Fake plants or fresh?

Oh, I do love fresh plants (especially cute, lil’ succulents) 🌵! However, I will most probably kill it *cries* but having said that, I might even kill fake plants! Sorry plants… I still love you 💕!

My Questions For You:

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Who is your blogging inspiration?

What’s number 1 on your bucketlist?

What’s your happiest memory?

Who is your favourite fictional character?

What is the weirdest dream that you have ever had?

What are the three things that you can’t live without?

Describe yourself in three words!

Do you like cookies *evil laugh*?

How are you feeling today?

I nominate (eek, this is my favourite part)…

Charlotte 🎄

Maya 💛

Ellie 🌱

Steph 💿

Thank you all so much for reading! I would also like to thank Raffi, once again ☺️! Please make sure to go and check out her blog!

Until next time.

With much love,





7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Aw, such an awesome post! ThankYOU so much for nominating me! I look forward to doing this post soon! Yayyayayaya!
    Ellie x 🎅🏻


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