My Christmas Essentials

mychristmasessentials.pngHelloo my lil’ snowflakes ❄️!

I still can’t get over that fact that there are only 2 days until Christmas… 2 DAYS ☺️! 2 DAYS, 2 DA- ahem *tumbleweed*…

Anywho, I have some beary exciting news… this post is a collab 💕! I am collaborating with the wonderful, Tabi *confetti* 🐻! She is the kindest, lil’ bear and her DIYs are unbearably cute!

Reader: Honey, I can’t bear your puns anymore!

Heh…heh… moving on *cough, cough*…

AND, I’M BACK TO NORMAL although to be honest, I’m never normal 😅! Now, let me stop my rambling and let’s get on with it!

Warm Drinks

When sitting in a coffee shop with a warm beverage at hand, I feel all cosy inside ☕️! Nothing satisfies your sweet tooth like a big ol’ hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows, hold the toffee syrup, please)!


This one is self-explanatory! Picture this, you’re sitting in bed with the messiest top-knot imaginable and a creamy cuppa is in your hand… pure winter bliss, right? Well, not quite 😉! The only thing missing from this scene is a good book 💗! I have recently been reading the Harry Potter series all over again!

Sweet Treats

Gingerbread, cookies, candy canes… COOKIES 🍪! Around this time of year, my weaknesses are all the sweet goodies stacked up to heaven in the supermarkets! In my house, there always seems to be a tub of Celebrations or Heroes when Christmas time rolls around ☺️!

Christmas Music

Sometimes, you just need a lil’ jamming session to shake all your cares away ✨! A Spotify Christmas playlist will surely do the job!

Christmas Films

Christmas films are just a must for this festive season 🎄! My personal fave has to be ‘Home Alone’! Every year, lil’ Kevin never fails to entertain my family and I on Christmas Eve 🎁!

Lip Balm

During winter, my lips always become really chapped *booo*! That’s why I carry a lip balm around with me everywhere I go 💕! Recently, I have started using the Glossier Balm Dotcom which I received as an early Christmas prezzie from my fantabulous friend Maya, a.k.a MoojMooj… a.k.a orangutan 😂! Anywho, as I was about to say before I was interrupted by… well, myself, this multi-purpose balm is great for moisturising your lips, elbows and anything else that just needs to be shown some love 😉!

So there we have it! Those are a few of my Christmas essentials!


What are YOUR Christmas essentials? Are any of the essentials mentioned above YOUR Christmas essentials too? Comment down below!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to go and check out Tabi’s post 🐻! If you haven’t done so already, please like, comment and follow 💗!

Until next time.

With much love,






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