Random Rambles: Stranger Things


Hello my lil’Β eggo waffles *searches in vain for a waffle emoji*!

Okay… have I gone mentally insane πŸ™ƒ? Yes. Have I gone mentally insane because of Stranger Things? Yes. Stranger Things seems to be my new acquired guilty pleasure since I seem to think about it 24 sevΒ Joyce was hanging Christmas lights at the web! Aha, get the reference *awkward silence*? Okay probably not! Anywho, today, I decided to share some signs that your obsession is completely out of control πŸ’•! Trust me on this… I know *stares knowingly*…

(Edit: I am fully aware that I am 1 year late to this. Please bear with me…)fairylights

You Love Christmas Lights… Yet You Are Now Equally Terrified Of Them

Ever since I watched stranger things, I haven’t looked at Christmas lights the same way ✨!Β I’ve been keeping an eye on every single light that is in my room since then *lights flicker*! Oh no, not again *jumps out of the nearest windowΒ with Steve’s spiked bat in hand*…


You Have Mastered The Art Of Staring IntenselyΒ 

Millie Bobby Brown was the best actress to be cast as Eleven. Mainly because of her iconic ‘Eleven’ stare! I, on the other hand, am quite good if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰! My lil’ bro seems to be ‘the receiver of the stare’ most frequently due to his trademarkΒ charm *bro giggles guiltily*!


The Word ‘Papa’ Entices Endless Shuddering

I’m not going to expand on this point much for the obvious reason that I don’t want my heart to break into pieces *smiles sarcastically* πŸ™ˆ!


“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” Has Become The Anthem Of Your Life

This song is just… sgadjftyvfgwefyv *fangirls excessively*! When singing this song I am indestructible! I shatter ear-drums, I drive people away from meΒ and I become a lonely, socially awkward, eggo eating hooman bean 😁! Hmm… that’s probably not a good thing :/! Oh well, I will sacrifice my social life for Stranger Things any day… I think. Hehe… I’ll just stop talking now.


You Deal With ‘Stranger Things Deprivation’ After Finishing Both Seasons (In Two Days)

The clichΓ© sentence, “And now we wait,” is perfect for this situation! After finishing both seasons, my bro and I just sat there in awe yet we were dying internally 😒! Not only were we in need of the third season but we were in need of a tubΒ two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream (each), multiple tissue boxes and T.L.C from our mum… yep that went a bit too far… πŸ˜‚! Anywho, my point is that waiting for another season is absolute torture. Well, this post is slowly becoming more and more depressing…


Do YOU like Stranger Things? Are YOU as obsessed as I am? Probably not… nevertheless, don’t forget to comment your thoughts down below!

I hope that you enjoyed this post since I had a lot of fun writing it! Before I end this post… can we just take the time to appreciate the ‘light graphics’ that I made?! I mean, not trying to brag but… go me! Aha, only joking!

Until next time.

With much love,


R.I.P Maya, Ellie, Erin and Raffi. I’m becoming a ‘Sofi’, aren’t I…








59 thoughts on “Random Rambles: Stranger Things

  1. This post was so much fun to read, haha! I love Stranger Things too (don’t worry I finished both seasons in like 3 days too haha)!
    And your light graphics are really cute! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll get her to come comment on here and she can freak out with you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes I can’t wait to read your answers β€β€πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG I AM SOOOOOOOOOO obsessed with stranger things!!!!! I watchede season 2 as soon as it came out!!! And also begged all my friends to watch it (though I made have scared them off it as I was litterally jumping up and down with excitement when talking about it)

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. The only people I’ve managed to get to watch it are boys I think all the girls in my class think its really sci-fi but its not and I keep telling them that but they just won’t watch it I did manage to get one of my friends to watch the first 3 eps but then she got obessed with another show and I have’nt managed to get hr to watch more

                      Liked by 1 person

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