Breakfast, Brollies and Bookshops

Hello everybody!

It is so good to be back making a post for you all. I am over the moon since I am finally on holiday! Two and a half weeks of freedom and pure bliss! A day out with my best friend, also known as my mum (also known as a stylish queen), was a great way to kickstart the hols!

With our brollies opened and up, we walked through Central London and made our way to Berners Tavern where we were planning to have some breakfast. It was such a relief to walk inside since it had been raining non-stop. Classic. Once we had settled down, I decided to order an avocado, pineapple and matcha tea smoothie alongside vanilla waffles with macerated raspberries, whipped cream and grated chocolate. Now, let me tell you… it was absolutely divine. Aha, my mouth is watering whilst writing this! After chatting, munching and laughing, we made our way to Covent Garden.


We came across the cutest jewellery shop called Les Néréides! Everything was crafted and painted by hand and they were all so unique. It was such a pleasure walking around the shop and I couldn’t help but smile!


At lunchtime, we headed to Itsu for some sushi. Afterwards, we visited Zara, Pandora, Urban Outfitters, Foyles and a Harry Potter store for a lil’ bit of shopping, and window-shopping ;).


How are you planning on spending your holiday (if you are on one)? What are your favourite shops? Comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading this short blog post! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my day! 

Until next time.

With much love,

Arabella x x


8 thoughts on “Breakfast, Brollies and Bookshops

  1. Sounds like a good start to a holiday!! I went to the mall and got some new clothes for my break 🙂 It’s been super fun and relaxing!
    Lydia ❤

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  2. Hi Ella! Loved reading this post and looking at the pics! You are a really talented photographer! 😀📷
    I always make a bucket list for my holidays which makes me keep on ticking stuff off when I do them! This is the Autumn version as I live in Australia and we are in Autumn! I have put ideas like ‘find the perfect hot chocolate recipe’ and ‘read more than 5 books’ for this one. 😀

    Loved reading this post,
    ~clover xx

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