bits n’ bobs i’m wishing for: spring

hello girls and guys!

how are you all? i hope that you are all well :). i am so so happy because… 300 caring cookies are now part of the family *cheers*! thank you all so much for the love  <3. today, i am very excited since i am collaborating with the wonderful ellie over at! ellie blogs about fashion, lifestyle, beauty food and much more! she is a very kind and talented blogger and i am very happy that i am able to collaborate with her again. we decided that we should share our wish lists (mine for spring, hers for autumn) with you all! aha, be prepared to read the words ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’ way too often ;). so, shall we begin?

disclaimer: i am very lucky to have what i have and i am fully aware that i do not need any of these things. however they would be nice to have. after all, this is a wish list post :). 


+ birkenstocks +

i have been wanting a pair for quite a while now. they are very versatile and would be great to use during the coming seasons as the weather starts to become milder. if i am lucky enough to receive them, i have a few outfits in mind that would suit these perfectly ;). not only would they be wonderful to use during the springtime, but they would be suitable during the summer and maybe (just maybe) during early autumn :).

+ mom jeans +

my jean collection consists of skinny and slim jeans. however, i would love to try a pair of mom jeans since they seem very comfortable and they have been quite popular recently. ripped mom jeans also look nice!

+ scrunchies (similar) +

i feel like scrunchies are just a must. they keep your hair out of your face whilst adding a bit of ‘personality’ to an outfit. i have seen a few in urban outfitters that i might want to invest in! what i really love about them is that they kind of have a retro/ 90s style and really remind me of the movie clueless which is such a classic (although mean girls still takes the crown) ;)!

+ star necklace +

dainty jewellery is something that i really love and this necklace from brandy melville is absolutely adorable! this necklace will compliment any outfit since it has a very simple design. do you prefer silver or gold jewellery? comment down below.

+ cloud paint (puff) +

ever since i received the balm dotcom from one of my good friends (thank you, maya), i have loved glossier and their products. their cloud paint in the colour ‘puff’ seems gorgeous and i would love to try it out!

+ heart shaped sunnies +

aren’t these adorable?! these would be perfect to use on those occasional sunny days ;). they are pretty and practical… the perfect combination! i also love that they are not bulky so they will be more comfortable to wear.

+ round straw bag (similar) +

i love these bags so much! they have a ‘vintage summer’ style to them which i really love :). this would be great to carry around on a casual stroll in the park. although these retail in other colours, i still prefer the natural ones.

WhatDoYouThink? copy

what is on your spring wish list? do you own any of the things that i have listed? if so, what are your thoughts?

thank you so much for reading this post! i hope that you enjoyed it. please don’t forget to check out ellie’s post!

until next time.

with much love,




24 thoughts on “bits n’ bobs i’m wishing for: spring

  1. Scrunchies are coming back in??? 😫 I literally have a drawer full of my mom’s old ones from the ’90s and I wear them around the house all the time. Now I have an excuse to wear them out!!! Great post, Ella ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I own lots of scrunchies (love them!) and Birkenstocks. I would 100% recommend getting Birkenstocks because I wear them all the time! I’ve seen straw bags literally everywhere, so I really hope I get can one soon. Great post Ella!


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