spring fashion i’m loving

hello everyone!

happy easter sunday! i hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with chocolate, laughter and love! aha, i am on a four-day streak on my blog and i am really proud of myself :)! today, i decided that i will be sharing a few fashion things that i love, particularly to do with the spring season!


+ gingham +

the gingham print is one of my favourites. it is such a cute n’ quirky pattern that is perfect for spring ;)! i have been seeing gingham mini dresses, cami tops and many more all over pinterest and i have grown to love it very much.

+ vintage sunnies +

the vintage summer aesthetic is gorgeous and oh, so fashionable which is why vintage sunnies are a fave of mine :)! whether they be cat eye or clout, i love them all. they are so bold and add so much to an outfit since they instantly make you look like you are living in a different era.

+ straw/ net bags +

as i mentioned in my previous post, i love these bags so much ;). they are such a great add-on accessory for everyday use, for use on the beach or as a trusty travel buddy! although these can be sold in different colours, i prefer the natural ones.

+ head scarves +

i love love love head scarves since you can use them in your hair, tie them around your neck and even tie them around your bag strap to add a little personality! since they retail in many different colours and patterns, there is (almost) one for everyone :).

+ hoop earrings +

hoops are such a classic. they can scream elegant lady or edgy girl boss, it really depends on how you style them. i personally prefer silver hoops since they look daintier.

+ berets +

aha, okie. i had to throw this one in because, who doesn’t love berets? i always feel like a classy parisian whenever i wear them! they are so versatile and can be styled with (almost) everything. for example, style a black beret with a gingham mini dress, a pair of vintage cat eye sunnies, hoop earrings and a pair of mules. one perfect outfit incorporating a few of my fashion faves!

WhatDoYouThink? copy

what are your fashion favourites? do you own any of the things i listed? if yes, how do you style them? comment down below!

i hope that you all enjoyed reading this post! please don’t forget to join the lil’ chat in the comments!

until next time.

with much love,





62 thoughts on “spring fashion i’m loving

  1. I LOVED this Ella!! All of your current favorites are gorgeous! (I’m absolutely in love with vintage + gingham at the moment too!) and Hoop earrings are a definite must!! I love how you incorporated everything into one amazingly fun post! 😍❤️😊🎉

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  2. these items scream spring!!! im loving every single one and cant wait to see your next ‘avo’😉
    hope your having a loveeely holiday🙂


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  3. I love these! I got a pair of gingham high-waisted paper bag shorts recently and I love them! Ooh, I really need some vintage sunnies😉

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  4. Hi Ella. I have to agree so much on the trends, especially the net bags. I even made a whole post dedicated to it if you are interested in reading. By the way did you create your own blog banner? I love it so much. 😍😍. Just followed your blog and insta.

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  5. Such a cute post, I love all of these trends so much. Those straw/woven bags are lovely! In fact, my mum is in bali right now and they are selling lots of them at the markets over there xox


  6. Lovin the straw/basket bags so much as well! They are just the cutest little summer bags. Just ordered one from Zara really recently actually and cannot wait haha!

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