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hello lil’ waffles!

as promised, today, i am posting my answers to the questions that i was asked by you all! i would like to thank all of you who submitted questions for this q&a. i received many interesting and unique questions that i can’t wait to answer! with that said, let me get started…BlogBarrierthese questions are from rosie

q ~ why did you start blogging and what would you tell your younger self before starting? a ~ i started blogging because it was something that i wanted to do, even at the young age of seven <3! hmm, i would probably have told myself not to worry about the followers at first.

q ~ biggest regret?~ probably all the times that i argued with my brother… sorry.

~ your favourite blog? ~ ooh, this is a really hard question since i love every single one of your blogs! um, jasper’s blog is so aesthetically pleasing. so is frankie’s; her graphics are super artsy and gorgeous :)! maddy’s blog is super pretty and fun to read too. BlogBarrierthese questions are from ellie who seriously needs to start a blog ;)!

q ~ who is your biggest inspo? why? a ~ definitely my mum. she is such a kind, caring and stylish queen who has taught me so much! i love you, mum <3!

~ Fav subjects? a ~ i love art class. it is such a wonderful subject that i love learning!

~ fav emoji? a ~ 🌸BlogBarrierthese questions are from ann

q ~ what female celebrity do you wish was your sister? a ~ probably zendaya since she is such an inspirational feminist, actress and singer <3!

q ~ what male celebrity do you wish was your brother? a ~ umm… i don’t know actually, hehe.

q ~ nike or Adidas? a ~ adidas.

~ dogs or cats? a ~ dogs.

~ what’s your favourite cereal? ~ any type of muesli or granola.

q ~ do you miss anyone or anything right now? a ~ my family in the philippines!BlogBarrierthese questions are from simpleserenity

q ~ how do you find motivation for blogging? a ~ all of my readers are my motivation :)! you are all so lovely and kind! thank you for the support.

q ~ what is your current go to meal to have? a ~ probably pasta since it is very easy to cook, haha!BlogBarrierthis question is from littlemayfly

q ~ where’s your favourite place? a ~ two years ago, we visited the château de versailles in france and let me tell you… it was such a beautiful place <3! the gardens were gorgeous and we had so much fun since my dad hired a ‘golf cart’ so that we could drive around :)!BlogBarrierthese questions are from lydia

q ~ what’s your favorite weather for fashion? a ~ i love the spring and summer weather since i get to experiment with my outfits a little bit more since the weather is warmer most of the time ;)!

~ what fashion trend are you currently into? a ~ well, i made a whole post about some of the trends that i have been loving which you can check out here!BlogBarrierthis question is from perksofvari

q ~ what do you hope to achieve by this time next year on your blog? ~ i hope to have 600+ followers! aha, i really am ambitious ;)!BlogBarrierthese questions are from saritzy

q ~ who is your female inspiration? a ~ as i mentioned before, my mum!

q ~ who is your favourite singer? a ~ hmm, i really love clairo’s music! it is wonderful and.. ahh, i just love it :)!

q ~ favourite makeup brand? a ~ glossier is by far my favourite! all of their products are absolutely gorgeous yet very natural looking. i also love how some of their products have different purposes. for example, their balm dotcom and cloud paint <3!BlogBarrierthis question is from emily

q ~ what are your current favorite tv shows & movies? a ~ i just started watching friends on netflix which i have been liking very much ;). also, the greatest showman was an amazing movie.BlogBarrierthis question was from clover

q ~ what’s something that you are really proud of that you have done this year? ~ i was super happy when i reached 300 followers last month! it was such a great feeling to know that 300 people loved my blog! thank you all so much <3!BlogBarrierthese questions are from raffi

q ~ what are your fav stores and your fav item you have from them? a ~ urban outfitters is my favourite and my favourite item that i bought has to be my kånken :)!

q ~ pet peeve? i don’t know why but i really can’t stand it when people say like, like, a million times. like, it drives me crazy.

q ~ your blogger inspo? as i said previously, i absolutely love jasper and frankie’s blogs <3!

q ~ fave apps for regular use or blogging? i love love love using pinterest. it is such a wonderful platform to use when looking for some blog and photography inspo!BlogBarrierthese questions are from ellie

q ~ if you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? ~ i would love to meet zendaya or emma watson because they are both wonderful, inspirational women!

q ~ if you could have any talent what would it be? a ~ hmm… i would love to be very good at ice-skating, hehe! it is something that i love to do and i wouldn’t say that i am bad at it but I would love to be better.

q ~ one thing you regret buying? a ~ i haven’t actually had a purchase that i regret!BlogBarrierthese last few questions are from jasper

q ~ what is your zodiac sign? a ~ i am a virgo.

q ~ favourite store? a ~ as i mentioned before, urban outfitters has to me my favourite since everything that they sell is beautiful!

q ~ a trend you can’t stand? a ~ excessively distressed jeans is something that i just… arghh! i really don’t see the point! i mean, sure, ripped jeans are cute but these jeans are just downright annoying. why not wear shorts instead?

q ~ a song you have been loving? a ~ dreams tonite by alvvays is such a good song! i can’t help but singing along to it whenever i press play :)!BlogBarrierWhatDoYouThink? copy

how would you answer some of these questions? comment down below!BlogBarrierthat is all for this post! thank you so much to all of those who contributed to this q&a. i had so much fun answering your questions! i hope that you enjoyed :).

until next time.

with much love,



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