my picnic essentials

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hello everyone!

today, i am very happy since i am collaborating with the wonderful brooke <3! she is a kind and talented blogger who posts about fashion, lifestyle, travel and much more. give her a hand by liking and following since she really deserves it :). we decided that we would share our picnic essentials with you all! with that said, let me get started…

+ picnic basket +

i would opt for a large wicker basket (which is an absolute classic) or a strong tote to carry around all of your goodies such as food, drinks, napkins… the whole lot <3! these are very handy to have if you are a regular picnic-goer.

+ blanket +

the right blanket can make or break a picnic. comfort is the main priority so a soft material is best :)! if you want to be a lil’ bit extra, invest in one with a pretty design so that you can picnic in style ;).

+ pillows +

sitting on the ground isn’t exactly comfortable. with that said, adding a few pillows will make the hours of lounging a more enjoyable experience!

+ utensils and plates +

this one is self-explanatory. how else will you eat all the yummy treats packed for the day :)?

+ picnic-friendly foods +

a light menu of fruits, veggies, cheeses and other easy to eat foods are the best options <3! you can prepare them at home or you can buy some grab-and-go eats from the supermarket which is the easier option.

+ sunnies +

a pair of sunnies is what you need! they shield your eyes from sun and are very stylish and chic ;)! vintage frames are my favourites since they are stylish yet very practical. what’s not to love?

+ sunscreen +

oh my goodness, i cannot tell you how many times sunscreen has saved my skin. i don’t think i need to explain how important it is. just pop a tube into your bag and you are good to go!

+ outdoor games and music +

football, frisbee or simply flying a kite are some fun games that are great to play at picnics! it is a good idea to have a break between the snacking :)! ooh, we mustn’t forget some music since it can be the icing on the cake to creating the perfect picnic. a portable speaker is very handy ;).

WhatDoYouThink? copy

what are your picnic essentials? do you prefer a picnic at the park or at the beach? what are your favourite picnic foods? please join the chat in the comments down below!

i hope that you all enjoyed this post! don’t forget to check brooke’s post! 

until next time.

with much love,



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