choco chip cookies :)

hello everybody!

before i begin, i would just like to thank you all for 320+ followers, yippee! thank you all for the support and love. anyway, today, i decided to do a lil’ bit of baking… of course it had to be cookies <3! i mean, who doesn’t love baking? or rather, who doesn’t love eating the tasty treats once they have been baked? this is just a simple, yet very yummy, chocolate chip cookie recipe that is incredibly easy to make. my family and i love it so hopefully, you will too :)! chocolatechipcookierecipe1-e1522942108746.pngChocolateChipCookiePhotos.png

in my case, this recipe made about 40+ cookies since i wanted them to be cute n’ bitesized! these taste so so good and are best when they are eaten fresh from the oven since the centre is very soft and chewy whilst the outside is nice and crunchy; the perfect cookie combo ;)!

this recipe is very versatile since you can easily throw in other little goodies. maybe, if your feeling fancy, you can mix it up and add equal amounts of white, milk and dark chocolate or you could put a scoop of ice-cream between two to create an ice-cream sandwich which is perfect for summer. the possibilities are endless when it comes to cookies <3! aha, this recipe has definitely earned a special page in my recipe book. next time, i might reduce the amount of sugar since it is quite sweet although i am not too picky about that.

WhatDoYouThink? copy

do you like chocolate chip cookies? will you try this recipe? what would you like me to bake next?

thank you so much for reading this post and i hope that you enjoyed it! i highly recommend these cookies so why don’t you give it a go :)?

until next time.

with much love,





18 thoughts on “choco chip cookies :)

  1. These look sooooo good!
    Yessss crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside 🙂
    I seriously need to try this now! 😀
    Lydia ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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