a stroll in the park and other adventures

hello everyone!

how are you all? today, i decided to share an adventure of mine :)! on saturday, my mum, my brother and i wanted to have a lil’ walk in the park and soak up some sun. we took the tube to lancaster gate and we made our way to kensington gardens!

after walking for about 10 minutes, we came across a beautiful sight… a cherry blossom tree! my mum and i were delighted and thought this to be a perfect opportunity to take a few snaps. cherry blossoms bring me so much joy since they bloom as spring begins to approach <3!CherryBlossomTreesonce we were satisfied with our photos, we started to walk once more. we came across this beautiful, miniature waterfall! my mum and i whipped our phones out and were snapping away almost instantly, ahaha! look at the cute duckies *gushes*!


my brother then dragged us along to a playground. now, i must say, it was a lot of fun ;)! it had been the first time in forever that i was able to visit a playground and i wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

Playground.pngwe started to feel a bit peckish after this which is why we decided to make our way to the élan Cafe on brompton road! after visiting the berner’s tavern, my mum’s work colleague recommended it and since we were nearby, we thought that it would be a waste if we didn’t visit :)! when we first saw it, there was a queue outside which we expected since it was quite popular and it was a saturday afternoon.


the interior was absolutely beautiful <3! there were pink, white and red roses everywhere which was such a cute touch. i decided to order a strawberry cheesecake and a vanilla frappé! after much talking and laughing, we finished up and went outside to do a bit of window-shopping ;).

WhatDoYouThink? copy

how did you spend your saturday? share your thoughts with me down below!

i hope that you enjoyed this post! thank you for reading.

until next time.

with much love,



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