an artsy chat

hello friends!

i was in an artsy mood today so i decided to share a few contemporary illustrators and artists who i have been loving <3! this is not something that i would normally do but… it’s good to try something new every now and then *sips tea* :)! aha, let me stop rambling and let me get started…

IsabelleFeliu+ isabelle feliu +

i am obsessed with isabelle feliu’s art since it is very unique but very beautiful! isabelle is an illustrator who is originally from canada but is currently based in oslo, norway. i absolutely love watercolours so it is no surprise that i like her work ;)! most of her illustrations are focused on fashion, nature, animals and interiors. TallulahFontaine.png

+ tallulah fontaine +

isn’t her work just adorable? it is so simple yet still equally as beautiful as any other <3. i love how she sticks to a very soft, muted palette of pastel colours that perfectly match her minimalistic illustrations! tallulah is from edmonton, alberta, however, she is currently based in toronto. she creates zines, jewellery and prints :)!

BodilJane+ bodil jane +

what’s not to love? her work is very vibrant and it brings me joy to look at her illustrations :)! bodil is an illustrator from amsterdam, the netherlands. her work is very focused on people, food, animals, fashion, interiors and plants <3! she uses hand-made elements and digital techniques to create her illustrations.

WhatDoYouThink? copy

who are some of your favourite contemporary artists? do you like the work of any of the artists that i listed above? comment your thoughts down below so we can have a lil’ chat ;)!

that is all for this post. sorry that it is a teensy bit short! oh well, i hope that you enjoyed it anyway!

until next time.

with much love,



21 thoughts on “an artsy chat

  1. these are so cute! its funny, i have just pre-blogged a similar post, but not about art, for later in the week aha :)! my favourite contemporary artist is bethany leah jones <3. her art is gorgeous. lovely post xoxo

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