april playlist

hello lovelies!

phew, okay. i am so warm. considering that i live in london, this happens very rarely, aha ;)! oh well, i will enjoy it while it lasts! today, i will be sharing songs that i have been listening to this spring season <3! there are only a few songs on this list but i hope that you enjoy it anyway…

“live your life on a merry-go-round”

dreams tonite – alvvays – there is something about this song that i just love! the voice of molly rankin is truly wonderful. it is very calm n’ sweet to listen to <3!

“i could be a pretty girl, won’t ever make you blue”

pretty girl – clairo – i love this song so so much! i have been listening to it for about, hmm, two months now and i am obsessed :)! clairo’s voice is gorgeous; her style is very dreamy and cute!

“dusting off the daisy chain you wore when life was new and strange”

sweet to me – summer salt – this song has a very tropical and retro-ish (hehe, i’m making up words) sound to it ;)! their voices work together in such a nice way and it is definitely worth listening to!

“and i’ll make a cup of coffee, with the right amount of sugar, how you like it”

coffee – beabadoobee – i just came across this song yesterday and i am in love with it :)! it is super-duper cute and her voice adds a quirky vibe  <3!

“we’re watching stars over ice-cream”

idle town – conan gray – conan is one of my favourite youtubers and has been for quite a while now. when i first realised that he made his own music i was ever so happy! idle town is such a simple song yet i have been listening to it very often recently :)!

“time is precious so we do our best”

time – mimi – mimi’s music is so downright adorable <3! her style is very soft and ‘airy’ wow, i am nailing these descriptions and i love it so much! she plays the ukulele in most of her songs and it sounds magical ;)!

WhatDoYouThink? copy

what are some of your favourite songs this month? have you heard any of the songs that i have listed? if so, what are your thoughts? comment down below :)!

that is all for this post! thank you so much for reading, it means a lot <3!

until next time.

with much love,



25 thoughts on “april playlist

  1. Oooh definitely going to have to check out these songs, they sound amazing! As for me I’ve been pretty lame and listening to Disney music because it makes me happy and keeps me going through tough times 🙂

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