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PlacesIWouldLoveToVisit.pnghello fwends!

the weather here in london is absolutely gorgeous! i have been soaking up lotsa sun, having fun with the fam, licking lollies and i just recently reached 400 followers <3! thank you all so much for the support and love that i have received so far. anyway, in today’s post, i will be talking about all the wonderful places that i would love to visit around the world :)!

italy-e1525716994455.pngR O M E  |  I T A L Y

oh, isn’t italy, specifically rome, just gorgeous? the history, the culture, the beautiful language and the gelato are a few of the many reasons why i would love to visit italy ;)! the trevi fountain, the colosseum and the leaning tower of pisa are a few attractions that i would love to visit.BlogBarrieramsterdam-e1525716981845.pngA M S T E R D A M  |  N E T H E R L A N D S

luckily, i will be visiting amsterdam later on this month <3! i would really like to visit the van gogh museum since i am a big fan of his artwork and anne frank’s house since her story really touched me when i first read her ‘diary’. BlogBarrier
S A N T O R I N I  |  G R E E C E

anywhere that you visit in greece has such an amazing history behind it which is why i would love to visit :)! of course, the food and the beaches are wonderful too but the rich history is the main reason for me ;)!BlogBarrierMaldives.pngT H E  M A L D I V E S

everything about the maldives seems wonderful! it looks like the definition of paradise ;)! imagine the clear, blue water lapping against a white sand beach and you sipping a summery drink whilst relaxing on a hammock. isn’t that just pure bliss?

WhatDoYouThink? copy

have you visited any of these places? where in the world would you like to visit? comment down below…

thank you for reading this post, i hope that you enjoyed! 

until next time.

with much love,





57 thoughts on “places i would love to visit

  1. Ah I’ve been to Rome, and it’s amazing. So much history. And the rest of Italy is so amazing too. Rome has a ton of history, but it’s very touristy, so I would suggest a few days in Rome and a good amount of time in Tuscany or some such place. But it’s Italy so basically anywhere is amazing 😂

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  2. Amsterdam seems so aesthetic – so exciting that you get to go! I LOVE Paris and Italy. I just finished a book called Love & Gelato and now I want to visit Florence and Rome! Love this post.

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  3. Nice post Ella!!!! I’ve been to Amsterdam, but it was only for one day because we had to stop there for just one day while we were returning from Denmark ! We were just roaming the streets and enjoying!! We had Italian pizza on the way which was A-mazing!
    I would love to travel to Paris, Norway, Australia and all the other places you listed! I haven’t been to Maldives but my dad has been to Bali ( Indonesia) and it’s very similar to Maldives . I will share the photos he took in one of my blog posts. I’d be happy if you read it! ❤️

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  4. Ella! You’ve given me a strong case of wanderlust… I think I may have to book a ticket for all of these places! Well, in my dreams at least 🙂 xox

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  5. You’ve included some of the places I’d love to visit like Rome, Amsterdam and Santorini but top of my list is Florida! Hope you get to visit all these wonderful places soon!

    Jess //

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  6. Congratulations on reaching so many followers, that’s amazing <3! I'd love to visit Rome too. It seems to be an amazing place. Great post, Ella, I enjoyed reading it! I can't wait to see your next post <3!

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  7. Some places I dream to go are Amsterdam, Mykynos and especially the Maldives!! I loved reading this post. I’m a new blogger so if you could check out my first post and give it a like I’d really appreciate it x

    Charl x

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