home decor wish list

hello everybody!

how are you all? three cheers for the weekend, hip hip hooray! today, i decided that i would share my home decor wish list. since i might be redecorating my room over the upcoming hols, i thought that this would be fitting :)! enjoy x x


1. elie macramé hanging shelf // doesn’t it look adorable? it would be perfect for all my lil’ bits n’ bobs that i might want to display. although it has a very simple and minimalistic design, i think that it looks soopa cute <3!

2. pressed flowers duvet cover set // i have been wanting a new duvet cover for quite some time now and this one is gorg! aha, just a quick fact about me: i love pressing flowers. the idea of treasuring something beautiful and alive, just like a memory, makes me smile :)!

3. GRL PWR tapestry // tapestries add personality to a plain wall space which is why i really like this one! the fabric seems nice and the pattern is pretty too! who run the world? girls ;)!

4. round mirror // i don’t have a mirror in my room at the mo so i thought that this would be nice to have.

5. wooden folding chair // i have always wanted a lil’ book nook in my room and this chair would be perfect! although it is on the pricey side, i feel like it will definitely be worth it.

6. cutout hanging planter // i love plants so much and i have been wanting to buy a few for my room! hanging planters are lovely and this one in particular is adorable <3!

thank you for reading this post! what is on your wish list? how has your day been so far? tell me in the comments down below :)!

until next time.

with much love,




43 thoughts on “home decor wish list

  1. Omg I loved this post so much ella! All of these decor pieces are so pretty! I also love the macrame shelf and I really want one now too! Also loved that quilt cover – it was so gorg 💕💫🍒
    Ella xx

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