how i see myself as a fictional character tag

hello everyone! 

happy sunday funday! how has your day been so far? today, i am doing the ‘how i see myself (aha, how i want to see myself seems more fitting) as a fictional character tag’; the concept of this tag is so cute! i was tagged by becca… thank you <3! anywho, let me get started, enjoy x x

name: lili







likes: art, reading, travelling, writing, rupi kaur, macaroons.

lives in: an apartment in paris, france.

personality: happy, optimistic, confident, kind, sweet, funny and determined.

WhatDoYouThink? copy

how would you imagine yourself as a fictional character? would you be similar or different to me? tell me in the comments… i love to talk to you all :)!

thank you all for reading this post! it was super-duper fun to write! i tag anyone who wants to do this tag <3!

until next time.
with much love,



24 thoughts on “how i see myself as a fictional character tag

  1. This was super duper fun to read! I also want to live in Paris after college, but before I have kids. I had been thinking to do this tag- is it ok if I link you back when I do? xx

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  2. This was such a fun post! Also, why does your blog become more and more aesthetically pleasing every time I read it? *cries* so jealous

    Liked by 1 person

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