may mood board & playlist

hello there!

yippee! the weekend is here, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and i am one happy girl :)! who wouldn’t be if the weather is this good? also, the royal wedding is today, congrats to meghan and harry ;)! i am happy to say that this post is a collab <3! i am collabing with maddy over at! her blog is gorg and her unique personality is lovely! please do her a favour by checking out her blog ;)! anywho, today, we decided that we would share our mood boards and playlists for the month of may… enjoy x x

see you again – tyler the creator + kaliuchis // “cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision, i wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind”

sweet life – frank ocean // “grapevines, mango, peaches, and lime, a sweet life”

4ever – clairo // “you called me wondering why i changed or why i don’t look the same”

sunflower – rex orange county // “sunflowers still grows at night, waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes”

moon river – frank ocean // “oh dream maker, you heartbreaker”

party favour – billie eilish // “books don’t make sense if ya read ’em backwards”

sweet sundae – temporex // “i just need your love-lovin. you should come hang out
i can make a sweet sundae”

lovely – billie eilish + khalid // “but i know someday i’ll make it out of here,
even if it takes all night or a hundred years”

candy wrappers – summer salt // “so for now, you’ll find me on the moon
i’ve got no lemon drops, or bubblegum”

pink + white – frank ocean // “you kneel down to the dry land,
kiss the earth that birthed you”

WhatDoYouThink? copy

have you heard of any of these songs? what is on your may playlist?

thank you so much for reading, lovelies! don’t forget to have a lil’ look at maddy’s post before you go! have a wonderful day :)!

until next time.

with much love,




29 thoughts on “may mood board & playlist

  1. Oh wow, it’s really rare that I meet someone which mood board is so similar to my own. Like I absolutely love Rupi Kaur I have all her books and her poetry is just stunning. Another thing is, that our taste in music is apparently really similar as well. Like I’m such a fan of both Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish and Khalid’s music – great post ❤ xx

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