get the look // cher horowitz

hello loves!

i am super-duper excited for this post because i will be talking about the essential items that you need to get the ‘cher horowitz’ look <3! clueless is by far my fav movie from the 90s so i thought that this would be fun to do :)! enjoy, everyone x x


squashed oval sunnies // these are absolutely adorbable and scream the 90s glam. i love how the frame is tinted pink and transparent, it looks lovely!

fuzzy scrunchie // this post wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning scrunchies. they are a must when it comes to getting the ‘clueless’ look <3! this fuzzy one from urban outfitters is gorg.

plain cami top // in the movie, cher and dionne often wear cami tops over a plain tee. i thought that this looked so cute and it is very simple to pull off :)!

checkered dress // cher’s most iconic outfit is the two piece yellow checkered skirt suit and i thought that this dress matched it perfectly! the pattern is bold and eye-catching which is the perfect combo ;)!

beret // in a few of the scenes, cher can be seen wearing a classic black beret. a hat can make or break an outfit but with a beret, it can never go wrong; it is so chic and classy!

pink feather hem slip dress // ahh, this dress fits cher’s personality perfectly. the feather hem adds so much to this simple item and i love love love it <3!

mesh ruffle top // cher often wore a sheer/ mesh blouse over a tank top in the movie and this one from monki is lovely :)!

WhatDoYouThink? copy

what are your favourite outfits from clueless? what item in this post is your favourite? comment down below.

thank you for reading! this post was really fun to write so i might be doing more of them… maybe for the tv show ‘friends’?! please tell me your suggestions down below.

until next time.

with much love,





49 thoughts on “get the look // cher horowitz

  1. I loveee that feather hem slim dress, do you know where it’s from? I love Cher’s outfits in Clueless and I’d definitely love to see more of these posts! Maybe one on Elle Woods from Legally Blonde but Friends sounds great too! xxx

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  2. Hey, this was awesome! (btw, thanks for the follow 🙂) If you’ve watched it you should totally do a Gilmore Girls look! Plaid flannel shirts and backwards baseball caps anybody? Rhi xxx

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