antwerp day 2

dear diary,

today day was absolutely wonderful! we had lots of fun walking around and soaking up sunshine <3! we woke up at about 8.40 and went down to have breakfast! i had a belgian waffle and a smoothie, ahh the breakfast of a champ ;)! after we had finished our meals and were full to the brim, we made our way to the cathedral of our lady.

when we entered we were in awe; it was gorgeous. light was coming through the stained glass windows casting a ‘heavenly’ glow throughout the cathedral! it assembles various styles of the times – gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo and many more however, it does not take on a definitive form <3! many pieces of artwork in the cathedral are by peter paul rubens who created many religious paintings.

after walking around the whole cathedral, we went to visit the grote markt :)! there were a number of cute, lil’ cafés, restaurants and shops and it seemed as if we were strolling through a quaint village <3! next, we wanted to have a look at the silvius brabo statue/ fountain. according to myths, silvius brabo was a roman soldier who is said to have killed a giant. at about 3.00, we had our lunch at guzzi’s italian piadina bakery! we ordered ‘the legend’ which was a thin italian baked bun filled with prosciutto, mozzarella, rocket and baby tomatoes; it was absolutely delicious!

sadly, today is our last day in antwerp. however, we are taking a coach to amsterdam tomorrow, yippee! i am sad to leave antwerp but i am excited for another adventure :)!

thank you so so much for reading! don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to read about our first day in amsterdam <3! also, thank you so much for 500 followers! i really appreciate all of the love and support that i have received x

until next time.

with much love,


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