amsterdam day 1

dear diary,

i was kinda sad when i woke up this morning knowing that we were going to leave antwerp however, i was excited for our adventures in amsterdam! all i could think about were the lovely things that we were going to do! after having breakfast, we got ready and checked out of our hotel. we then made our way to the bus station where our bus was waiting for us :)! fortunately, our journey only lasted two hours which went by quite quickly, ya hoo!

we arrived at schipol airport where we took the metro to our hotel <3. as soon as we dropped our bags off, we were out the door to do a little bit of exploring (and eating, hehe)! we were craving some japanese food so we ended up eating in a cute restaurant. i ordered a chicken don which was super yummy ;)! when we finished our food, we took a long and leisurely stroll. i was really excited to see that there were many vintage thrift shops in the area so hopefully, we will be able to visit a few (fingers crossed) <3. oh yes, i was able to buy a few souvenirs for my fwends so to all of you that are reading, i have a lil’ surprise for you ;)!

thank you for reading! we will be visiting the van gogh art museum tomorrow which i am super-duper excited for, eek! have you visited amsterdam before? tell me down below x

until next time.

with much love,


51 thoughts on “amsterdam day 1

                  1. that sounds amazing! i’m trying to find new shows to watch because i’m getting bored of the shows I watched when I was younger, which is what my sisters now watch. 🙂

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  1. My cousins live in Holland and it’s such a beautiful country! I’ve been to Amsterdam before but it was quite a while ago so I don’t really remember it. It looks like you had a great time! xx

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