amsterdam day 2

dear diary,

(note: this post was meant for yesterday… oops, sowy)

today was absolutely lovely; we did so many fun things <3! after having breakfast and getting ready, we made our way to the van gogh art museum :)! it was very interesting to learn about vincent and his work. what i found particularly interesting was that he was fond of the life of peasants and nature. he thought that peasants were bound to nature in a spiritual way. all of his paintings were gorgeous and each one had an elaborate story behind it! at the museum shop, i bought a sunflower enamel pin and a bookmark, coolio <3!

we exited the museum at about 3.00 so we were in need of some good food. in the end, we decided to eat at a little pizzeria (which was a great decision, aha)! afterwards, we took a tram to the i amsterdam sign! there were loads of people standing on the letters in front of the rijks museum… we decided to join the trend ;)!

next, we went on another leisurely stroll. to my delight, we came across episode which is a vintage thrift store, yippee <3! the funny thing about it was that it was not planned and i had read about it in an article beforehand! there were flowy dresses and blouses, vintage denim jeans and many more! unfortunately, there was nothing in my size (booo) however, my mum was lucky enough to find a beautiful scarlett red polka dot midi dress. it looked so authentic and vintage which is why we fell in love with it instantly :)!

we also came across a bakery selling sweet treats including the famous stroopwafels! obviously, we bought a packet… we just couldn’t resist it. there were many canals with bicycles and flowers chained to them on our way so we took a few pictures <3!

thank you for reading! tomorrow, we will be visiting anne frank’s house and we might be going on a canal boat tour!

until next time.

with much love,


40 thoughts on “amsterdam day 2

      1. My boyfriend’s older brother got me a Paramore pin when they went to their concert, and my boyfriend bought me an Orca whale pin for Valentine’s day (because I went whale watching in Canada a few years ago and I love Orcas!), and then I bought a pin when I went to Walker Stalker Con!
        I used to have a few as a kid but I don’t know where they went!x

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  1. I’m so jealous! Amsterdam looks amazing! Your photos are so great, I love that you are documenting your journey on your blog. btw the sunflower pin sounds amazing, I want one really bad xx


  2. I’m visiting Amsterdam in a couple of weeks! You blogging your trip away has been a lovely read and it’s been super informative on the kinds of things I’ll be getting up to when I visit and I’m so excited for it! By the way your pictures are beaut x

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