amsterdam day 3

dear diary,

(oopsie… again; sorry that this is late)

oh, what a gorgeous day it was! we had lotsa fun and learnt so much! first, we visited anne frank’s house! unfortunately, i was not able to take any photos out of respect for the ones who suffered which i understand completely. it truly was heart-breaking to hear about her story. also, the fact that anne’s father, otto frank, was the only survivor must have been a traumatic experience for him. there must have been times when he lost the will to live since all that he loved, all that made him happy was mercilessly taken away from him. it was pure and utter cruelty that was brought upon the jews and i wish that there was a way to change the past since no one deserves to be treated in that disgustingly horrid manner. in the museum shop, we bought a black canvas bag with the annex logo and a postcard with anne’s passport photos! the tour was surprisingly short (it only lasted one hour) in my opinion and i felt as if i wanted to hear more. afterwards, we had a coffee break in the museum restaurant. my mum and dad ordered a latte each along with a cheesecake for us to share ;)! we then took another stroll one last time! it was a treat to come across a little boom market! there were classics, many works by william shakespeare and even vintage vogue magazine <3! as we were walking, we came across one of the narrowest houses in amsterdam! i didn’t notice it at first since it seemed to have been sandwiched between two houses. the house itself was the width of the front door and it looked extremely unusual yet cute at the same time :)! fast forward a few minutes and we visited the amsterdam cheese company! our holiday wouldn’t have been complete without going. i was surprised to find that some of the cheeses that they sold were 7 years old!

i was absolutely delighted to find that there was a flower market! of course, we took a detour and went inside. all of the flowers were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous… especially the tulips <3! unfortunately, today is our final day in amsterdam however, i am ready to go back to school (kind of, aha)!

thank you so much for reading! this is the last post in my travel diary series! i hope that you enjoyed it…

until next time.

with much love,

32 thoughts on “amsterdam day 3

  1. I’m loving this series! My art teacher says I look like a young Anne frank… compliment or not? Apparently I remind a lot of different people of a lot of different people XD. Would you be interested in doing a collab soon maybe? Rhi xx

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    1. ahh, thank you, rhi! anne frank was and still is beautiful so in my opinion, that is a compliment <3! oh, of course! if you have any ideas, feel free to drop one in the ‘let’s chat’ section of my blog so we can discuss it further x x


  2. I read a piece from Anne Frank’s diary when I was in elementary school. It was years later that I finally read the entire series and feel the horror the family went through. I could totally understand Otto Frank not having any will to live anymore. Really hope I could one day discover more and visit the Anne Frank’s house too! :)x

    Awesome post and love the photos!!

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  3. Awwww I’ve really enjoyed these travel diary posts 😊 you’re right it was such a tragic thing that happened to Anne Frank and so many other Jews and I really hope nothing like that ever happens again xx

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  4. This series is so lovely! Really enjoyed reading about your Amsterdam trip and your photos are as always gorgeous. Honestly, the story of Anne Frank breaks my heart; history is so unbelievably cruel, I hope we learn from it and dont repeat our past mistakes xx

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  5. I loved this little travel diary series Ella, it’s been lovely to see what you’re been up to. The Anne Frank story is so heartbreaking, it’s awful that anyone would have to go throuhg​ what they did. The tulips look so beautiful! xx

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  6. Your trip looks so fun! Everything is so vintage and cute ❤️
    I just finished reading Anne Frank’s diary and it’s so amazing that you got to go to her house!

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  7. These photos are so artsy! I’d really appreciate if you could maybe take a look at my blog? It would mean alot! ❤ x

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