~ july mood board & bucket list

hello everybody!

ah, the sun is out and i have been enjoying it very much… who wouldn’t if it gives you an excuse to eat gelato? i just went on a run with my family and i feel very refreshed and fulfilled ;)! anywho, i decided to share my july mood board and bucket list for you all… enjoy x x

[this month’s theme was ‘a floral, italian summer-ish holiday’ <3!]

my bucket list:

1. // make a short film – whilst i was in amsterdam, i made short films for each day! i thought that it was a lovely way to cherish memories and i would love to do it over the summer hols too <3!

2. // visit the beach – oh, a glorious day on the beach is what i need! i miss the sea very much and i would love to spend countless hours lounging in the sand (hopefully getting a tan) and splashing in the water :)!

3. // collect seashells – on every beach holiday, my little brother and i collect a ton of seashells and i would love to continue this ‘tradition’!

4. // go berry picking – during the summer, berries are my favourite things to snack on and it would be good fun to pick some fresh, sweet ones from a field <3!

5. // have a photoshoot with fwends – do i need to say more? having a photoshoot with friends is something that i love doing since it passes time and is a very fun activity ;)!

6. // find a vintage store – there are a few hidden vintage stores in london that i would love to visit over the hols <3! i am a big fan of all things vintage and retro so it would be a treat to find one, fingers crossed!

thank you so much for reading! comment down below what activities are on your bucket list so that we can have a lil’ chat ;)!

until next time.

with much love,


53 thoughts on “~ july mood board & bucket list”

  1. Such a cute little list I love going for road trips to the beach! I always used to go strawberry picking when I was younger too but haven’t been for years so I definitely need to go again!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  2. love this post so mcuh ella – as always your mood boards are so aesthetic! also i would love to see that ‘mini video’ that you are planning on making!and yessss retro stores are absolutely the BEST – i found a polo top there for $10! scoreee
    Ella x

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  3. i really want to try and find a vintage store over the holidays! i’ve found one in covent g arden but would love to look for more as i’ve recently been loving the retro/vintage style!
    love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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