august mood board & playlist

hello everybody!

i hope that you are all having a lovely week! it seems to be the end of summer here in london since a sudden downpour has blessed us again… oh well, at least the plants are enjoying it! today, i will be sharing my mood board and playlist for this month…


2. // if only – raveena

3. // you should see me in a crown – billie eilish

4. // sunshine girl – demo – jakob ogawa

5. // 80s – berhana

6. // bored – billie eilish

7. // sweetener – ariana grande (aha, i love the whole album. if i were to choose, successful and raindrops would be my favourites!)

8. // COPYCAT – billie eilish

9. // mama – meltycanon

10. // salad days – mac demarco

thank you for reading! please drop some tunes in the comments… i would love some new music recommendations :)!

until next time.

with much love,

arabella x


45 thoughts on “august mood board & playlist

  1. your mood boards are always so amazing! also i just love the fact that our taste in photos are so similar – like i literally have four of these pics saved on my pinterest as well ; ) music wise then just like you i’ve been loving billie ellish atm and especially idontwannabeyouanymore it’s such a beautiful song! have a wonderful week ella ❤ xx

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  2. Ahhg I LOVE this moodboard! I’m checking out the songs right now, I’m embarrassed to say none of them ring a bell (well I’m terrible at remembering titles, that may be it hahah), great post! :)xx

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