13 things i’ve learnt at 13

hello fwends!

last saturday was my 13th birthday and i couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate it <3! i thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with my family and i am so grateful for all of the birthday wishes and presents that i received! on sunday, my friends and i had a bite to eat and watched crazy rich asians which was a hilarious movie that i definitely recommend ;)! anyway, i decided to share 13 things that i’ve learnt at 13… enjoy x


haha, here is a lil’ polaroid that my mum took of me when i was blowing out the candles on my birthday cake :)!

i hope that you enjoyed reading this post. do you agree with any of the things that I have listed above? if so, please leave a comment down below… i love to talk to you all!

until next time.

with much love,

arabella x 


80 thoughts on “13 things i’ve learnt at 13

  1. happy birthday ella! woaw, you’re so so wise at such a ‘young’ age. i wish i had your courage to speak up about stuff like this when i was 13. you’re amazing, and must never forget that – no matter how badly people will try to prove you differently. you’re amazing! xx

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  2. Was just recommended your blog in a group chat, so thought I’d come and check it out!! Happy belated birthday, I love this post ❤ (might steal the concept for my 5 year blog birthday coming up, if that’s alright – of course with credits to you in the post!) I particularly identify with ‘self-pity is not the solution to your problems’, which is a life lesson I sometimes forget about and need to remind myself of.

    also that polaroid picture turned out so super cute!

    So happy I came across your blog:)
    Lexie x

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  3. Ella, after reading those 13 things you learnt, I was wondering if you would like to collaborate with me, or even guest post on my blog about one of those things in detail. Here’s my email if you want to hit me up:
    Also, if you are in need of a guest poster here on your blog, I’d be more than happy to do it!
    Thanks in advance:)


  4. Yay, happy birthday! I absolutely loved the lessons that you shared with us because they are so important and true. I hope that you had a great day, and have a great first teenage year! That is so exciting. 🙂

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  5. You’re so wise with your learnings….
    But it’s only the first half of the game. Now you have figured out what you have learned. It’s time to explore and practice them again and again…..🙂🙂…..
    Happy birthday day, by the way (so late…🙄🙄🙄)…


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