a love letter to myself

dear moi,

it’s me… always me and always you. you’re always there with both your weaknesses and your strengths. you were there when you laughed so much that you cried. you were there when you cried so hard that you almost forgot how to laugh. i’m stuck with you and… i love you, ok? we’ve been through some hard times and i haven’t appreciated you as much as i should.

sometimes i’ve looked at you in the reflection and i’ve judged you harshly. i’m sorry, dear me. you are worth more than you know and i hope that you understand that. although you may not think so, you are beautiful, strong, confident and creative. cherish these gifts in the way that God wanted you to.

now walk with me; my hand in yours. it’s time that i start loving and supporting you. after all, when i fall, you will be the first to pick me up and kiss my wounds.

love, me x




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