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hello loves!

woo, i’m back with another post! twenty nineteen has been lovely so far and i hope that it continues to treat me well. it’s great to be writing a blog post again; i have been so busy with school work but that’s ok! today, i will be sharing a few of my styling tips n’ tricks that i use to spice up my outfits… enjoy x

hair clips n’ barrettes


these lil’ clips were a popular thing in the 90s and throwback fashion is coming back in style. i normally wear these in my hair or clip them on to the pockets of my jeans (i was inspired by a youtuber called vereena) to add a youthful and cutesy look to any outfit!


i like layering t-shirts over long-sleeved shirts and tank tops over t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts. layering can really improve an outfit because of the contrast in colours and patterns.



this is a common one but jewellery can really add so much to an outfit whether it be a dainty necklace or statement earrings! i really love brandy melville jewellery since they are cute pieces at great prices! my favourite pieces that i own from brandy melville are a pair of gorgeous cherub earrings!

cuff your jeans & shirts

by cuffing you jeans and shirts, you are making them tailored to fit you and it adds a retro look to your outfit! this is a common tip but it works wonders!



whether you prefer beanies or bucket hats, they add so much to an outfit. i think that hats are gorgeous and can add a special something to a bland outfit. there are so many styles so there is definitely one for you <33!

thank you so much for reading! there will be some exciting posts coming up in a few weeks to stay tuned :)! what are your styling tips? have a lovely day x

until next time.

with much love,

arabella x


29 thoughts on “styling tips

  1. omg ellaaaa – loved this post! i love bucket hats so much too and i actually have one from when the yeari was born – funny thing is no one knows where it came from aha! 🙂 i really wanna get some hairclips because they are such a 90s trend and i wanna bring it back too lol.
    ella x

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