i’m back… and i’ve moved!

hello everyone! well… i’m back! i cannot believe that i’m able to say that after leaving this blog for 2 years! just recently, i was thinking about how much i miss blogging and the joy that it gave me to be able to speak to all of you! coincidentally, i logged back into wordpress on the exact day of my 4 year blogging anniversary which is crazy. i decided it was a sign to start afresh and so i made a new blog called ‘Arabella Says So‘! i would really love your help and support for my new blog so it would mean the world to me in you could follow me on my new blogging journey. i will link my new blog here, feel free to check it out! i hope to see you there!

until next time.

with much love,

arabella x


13 thoughts on “i’m back… and i’ve moved!

              1. Aw, thank you! What I’ve found helped the most is just being consistent with your posting and having a defined niche! Just finding your voice in the blogging world. I started blogging at ten or eleven years old and I’m seventeen now so lots has changed!


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