let’s chat

anything you want to discuss? don’t hesitate to drop a comment below!




89 thoughts on “let’s chat”

    1. Ella! If you are still interested, I am available to post any even numbered day this month leading up until Christmas except today. Just let me know if you can do it this month. Otherwise, I would love to collaborate some other time most definitely!! x


  1. Hi! I’d love to collab, but of course, fi you think our niches are too different, then it’s completely okay! 🎀 You can choose the blog post idea. I actually have a few, could share them if you want. 😊


  2. Ahhh hello – I’m honestly in awe of your blog and how well-crafted and friendly it is. I aspire to be as organised and fabulous as you are – thanks for giving me a lot of reading material which will make me smile.
    P.S: Cookies and Lush are just amazing and I LOVE THEM

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                    1. Yes we can change it, and I don’t think it is selfish at all because we should do something that fits us both. We could keep with the theme of ‘essentials’ like ‘spring essentials’ or ‘picnic essentials’ or we could do something completely different. BTW sorry I’m responding late bc I was eating dinner.

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  3. Okay, with the collab, maybe we could do a 10 things to do in summer/winter? I’m in Australia, so it’s winter here (and feeling like it!), but if you have any other ideas I’d be happy to hear them! Or maybe an ‘accessories and clothes for summer/winter, peek in our wardrobe’? What do you think? Rhi xxx

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      1. Totally! Fashion, maybe?! And, what date? I’m kinda busy with HARPS at the mo’, and that ends June 12. So… maybe after then, if that’s ok? It also gives us time to get stuff written! Rhi xx

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  4. hi ella, its susanna and i thought that we could do a collab, even though we have completely different follower numbers, i hope that’s okay. xoxo, susanna


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