A Walk-Through Of 2017

Hello friends 💕! Long time, no blog 😉! Well, in my head anyway ✨! Now, I must say... 2017 has passed us all too quickly! This may sound like a cliché sentence but I feel like only yesterday, we were counting down the seconds to 2017! It is unbelievable how another year of ups and … Continue reading A Walk-Through Of 2017


That’s A Wrap! – November

Hello my lil' Christmas bunch ❄️! *Breaks into song*FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LLAMA LA! THE MONTH OF LAUGHTER AND JOY... IT’S FINALLY HEREE 💕! THIS POST IS SOO EXCITING, I CAN’T EVEN... AHHH *catches breath*! Okay, let me compose myself... heh... heh... heh AHHH.'s December. DECEMBER! Or should I say... Decembrrr *waits … Continue reading That’s A Wrap! – November