how to be happy

hello everyone! i have been so physically and mentally drained this week so i decided to share a few tips on how to be happy since i will be using a few of these to help me 'recover' over the weekend :)! i really hope that you enjoy this post... tip 1: get a good … Continue reading how to be happy


Two Hundred Followers?!

Hello everyone ☺️! So... I REACHED 200 FOLLOWERS HJDFGSFBUYFGYHDJANDL *hyperventilates* 💕! I think you all know what this milestone calls for... a dance party *dances wildly for 24 hours wayy to long* ✨! I seriously can't believe that I was able to achieve this! I vividly remember the day when I first started blogging 🙈! I … Continue reading Two Hundred Followers?!